Did you notice last night was a full moon? Couldn’t have been coincidence. The “Under the Same Moon” signing brought more than a 100 of my friends and family under one roof, too. I honestly couldn’t believe how many people were there — my grandparents and uncle from Tucson, my mama from Texas, three of my favorite teachers, many family friends who’ve taken me in as an additional child since my parents moved, my girlfriends, coworkers, fellow church attendants, bloggers and I think, just maybe, even a few strangers.

Little fan

Bill, Mariah, Julie, Jennie


It was a night I’ll never forget. Today I am so full of hope, happiness and gratitude.



Thank you, dear blog readers. You too are included on the acknowledgment page.


(And there are many more photos and video clips to come, but I couldn’t help but post a few to start off the day!)