Remember last week when I was like, “I am so great with zippers. I love zippers! They are so easy! Watch me sew away!!”?
Well, apparently the zipper gods were laughing their merry little zig zagged heads off at my taunts. This weekend, I figured out how to completely destroy a wristlet with one snip too close to a zipper stop.

The Zipper Gods Laughed

Apparently that zipper stop is there for a reason. When I purchased zippers too large for the latest batch of wristlets, I over-confidently thought, “I’ll just trim them! Ha ha! Watch me be the master of my zipper domain!” Alas, when you cut off the zipper stop and then proceed to yank the zipper pull, it comes off and refuses to go back to a functioning state, leaving you with two nicely sewn rows of zipper teeth with nothing to pull them together. Lovely.
[Note: In this case, just pull out your rotary cutter and trim that zipper off. Start over and sew the remaining pieces with a new zipper, more carefully trimmed. Then promptly offer up a little prayer to the crafty goddesses and promise not to get too cocky in the future.]

My Project Spectrum entry for May. Lovely greens:

Project Spectrum Entry, May GREENS