Have you seen Thor? Well. If you are interested in a Brazilian all-you-can-eat meat buffet? For $12, this is a steal. Because the meat? It’s well done. I have no idea who the blond actor is, but he is a Legends of the Fall-esq Brad Pitt and he’s so easy on the eyes, there was more than one muscle-fueled scene when I blushed bashful. Plus for dessert you can have a side of painfully dumb Natalie Portman. (Agent? Fired. How do you go from Black Swan to Thor?)¬†Without giving anything away — because let’s be honest. This is a big Hollywood movie. Boy. Girl. Lots of violence. Minimal plot. Excessive noise. Crash. Boom. Bang. Happy ending — there is a bigger lesson.

Humility. Sucking it up to say, “Man, I am flawed. I have a lot to learn.” Don’t worry — I’m not lamenting how much I have to change about myself in this post. But it was rather refreshing to see a movie that made so much money this weekend focused on the moral characteristic. (And I’m sure that’s why people went in droves to see it. Not because of the flash. Or violence. Or exceptionally good looking cast. RIGHT.)


There is also a smaller lesson: 3d movies make me sick to my stomach. Tilt your head just one way or the other and everything is out of focus. I don’t know how in the world James Cameron thinks 3d movies are going to save the box office, but he can’t count on my regular business. If I’m going to watch movies, make cracks about beef cakes and roll my eyes at the lobotomized female lead, I can do so in my jammies on the couch a la Netflix.


Plus, there is just so much to do outside at the moment. Everyone is planting their gardens in Golden. I’ve helped put in two this week — which means I put on gloves and stuck my hands in the dirt. Nothing more. It was particularly refreshing to visit some friends’ garden yesterday. They have just installed four hives. The have two acres, with a pond, a barn and a handful of raised beds. Then they showed me the freezer in their garage.

tomatoes, peas and squash

It’s moments like these when I’m reassured I’m the latest member of the hippie Colorado tribe. The freezer was full of colorful mason jars — each labeled with the fruits of last year’s harvest. Acorn squash soup. Pumpkin puree. Sour cherry pie filling. Peaches. Chard and sausage soup. Stewed tomatoes. Rhubarb and strawberry compote. Applesauce from apples grown in their very own yard. They work hard gardening three months of the year, spend a couple extra minutes making extra portions as they cook during the summer with their fresh ingredients to make portions for the freezer, and then are able to eat fresh year round out of their own garden.


A new vision for my little homestead has been set. Less Thor. More thyme. Fewer movies. More manure. Minimal beef cake. Maximized chicken coop?

Oh, good grief.