Current projects:

– Boot cuffs

– Beanies

– Cabled headbands

While I’m working away on these holiday projects, I’ve noticed a good change in this craft. My skills are getting better (tension more even) and my patience has lessened. This too is a good thing because I no longer have any patience for acrylic yarn. Crap needles. Patterns that aren’t working after a good 2 hours. I’d rather spend a bit more for the bamboo needles, soft, cushy yarns and frog it when it just doesn’t look right.

I’m researching packaging designs for the holidays. I like to include a bit of information about the yarn used (in case of wool allergies, and so the recipient has care and washing instructions) and a bit of extra yarn in case the item needs future mending. These ideas are pretty rad for those also giving hand knits this season.

What are you working on?