So, apparently I’m the only woman who doesn’t own a dirndl. In all fairness, I didn’t even know the word dirndl until last week, when I happened to mention to my friend Sheila (who is German) that Finny (who is not German)  loves a trip around the world to wear a costume and drink beer from a 1/2 gallon glass.

the boot!

German Fest

Finny is in town this weekend? WELL! It is the German beer fest weekend!

Commence a flurry of coordination of tight, Bavarian bodices and that brings us to Saturday afternoon where my friends wore the most amazing clothing to a rather fun gathering of folks who love to polka.

Sweet German couple

Sheila + R, dancing!

and eat:

German fest

German fest food

German fest

German fest


I’m not sure what is better: a festival focused on delicious carbs and goofy dancing, or having two girlfriends who were giddy at the thought of throwing on a costume to attend.

Winner winner, brats for dinner.