Hey! How about this for a vague blog post: I’ve got a ton going on in my life at the moment, very little of which can I yet share. In the meantime, how about some more headless instagram fashion photos?

Yeah. I know. I’m boring. You came here for a rant about why I love Jesus, and what I’m knitting. FASHION PHOTOS ARE SUCH A STRETCH. But I’ll admit, although I’m not too much of a fan of these photos, I do quite like Instagram as an app. So much so, I’ve decided to Learn more about Kicksta and grow my followers. Well, that’s what everyone else seems to be doing so I’m just jumping on the bandwagon!

To be honest with you, I’ve been taking more “Instagramable” pictures recently and have thought of using more Hashtags for Likes because I’ve been wanting to gain some more followers on Instagram. The only issue is, I suck at things like captions and hashtags so it’s not been going too well! I know some bloggers grow with Nitreo on Instagram so I might look into that to see if it can help me get more followers!

You might be wondering why I suddenly want to get more followers on Instagram — it’s because I was talking to a fellow blogger and they said how after they focused on gaining followers on social media, naturally more people came and read her blog. So, I’m giving it a go! I also know other bloggers who use marketing tools such as offerwall monetization. This allows them to advertise their blogs on apps like Instagram meaning they reach a larger audience. I see offerwall ads all the time and I often take notice, so I know that they work to catch people’s attention. It seems like a good way to build a following, so I might try that next!

(Thanks for reading is what I’m saying. Hang in there. I’m sure my sewing machine will get plugged back in sooner than later.)

For now, Instagram Fridays might be a thing.

Last week:

Adam and Kim bought a new house. They are doing some major repairs, and we all pitched in last weekend. Somehow the only photo I have from the demo is of BJ with a crowbar and some nasty tile:

Instagram March 15, 13

(I asked Adam no fewer than 10 times, “You took before photos, right? I mean, this is totally different from when we started. You are documenting this. RIGHT?” To which he patted my little blogger head and walked away before he caught my crazy need to chronicle life. Don’t worry Internets. I’ll take photos.)

Instagram March 15, 13

Instagram March 15, 13

The weather in Denver has been nutty. We had a foot of snow earlier in the week, and today I’m sitting outside on the patio in 70 degree, clear blue sky weather, wondering if I should go put on a hat. The yard is muddy, the grass is coming back nicely, and of course tomorrow it is set to snow. My Arizona skin is having none of that. My legs want to be free. I’ve been wearing more skirts and dresses, although the open toed shoes haven’t yet made their way back to the front of the closet. (Snowy toes? Brrr.)

Instagram March 15, 13

Instagram March 15, 13

Instagram March 15, 13

To celebrate such nice weather, my brother and I took a hike this week. We parked in Boulder’s Chautauqua Park and headed up the Flat Irons for a couple hours. It was muddy, icy, rocky and a good bit of fun. Until he decided he’d had enough, sat down, pulled a bagel out of his backpack and threatened to take a nap on the trail so I could go off and continue to hike by myself.

“Just go do that little loop-de-loop. I’ll be right here. You won’t miss me on your way back.”

I kicked him in shins and we continued on together. (Yes, he has a shriner. No, I didn’t give it to him.)

Instagram March 15, 13

I’m thinking Fiji. Who’s in?

Here is hoping your week was wonderful. And next week is even better for us all.

Much love from a gorgeous day in Golden,