A few things I’ve saved from Instagram lately that I simply love:

august 5 014


Turning an old piano into a hutch? Oh, yes. I just love this.


august 5 012


This is my friend, Jen. She is such a creative, and I love her quilting skills. I’m trying to talk her into a weekend here where we can quilt and I can learn these basics.

august 5 011


Grilled salad? That sounds interesting.


august 5 010


Next backyard party I host — this is happening. So cute. (And I have that table!)


august 5 001


A way to easily entertain me for hours? Searching for “Fox Terriers” on Instagram. Nelson has relatives globally who are doing adorable things. And they all crack me up.


august 5 013


Just yes. Yes.


What’s inspiring you this week?