Dear Finny,
Yeeow! I think your idea of creating the document duvet or CD holder/desktop organizer for our January project is genius. It is January after all — a time for organization. I’m thinking tax season might be a bit more tolerable if my papers are tucked in one of these.

Document duvet

And your theme? Using what we have? Perfect! I am vowing not to buy any more art supplies of any sort for 4 months. I have to start using what’s now overflowing out of the studio closet.

CD and desktop organizer

And so the fun begins! I’ll make the margaritas, you bring the chips. Call me Sunday if you have any problems with the patterns. If I’m slightly slurring and still cutting pattern pieces, all is well.

A couple points of interest: there are corrections to Amy Butler patterns, including the document duvet here. (Thanks June!) And Finny and I have created a Flickr group here for all interested in playing along! By the way Finny, I love the button you created above. So crafty!