The Fin and the Donk are on their annual adventure. This year? We’ve decided to take Sun Valley, Idaho by storm.

Boise ---> Sun Valley

Come to find out, in the off season, it isn’t terribly difficult to take Sun Valley, or Idaho in general, by storm. It is sweet, quiet, lovely little spot. There are snow-capped mountains, tiny wildflowers trying to push through to bloom, bright blue skies, happy hikers with gaggles of excited dogs, swans swimming in lakes, geese destroying lawns and two girls trying to enjoy every sight and sound. (and a partridge in a pear tree…)

With cameras in one hand and gin and tonics in the other.

(Fin isn’t the best for my moderation. “You like it. BUY IT!”  + “Oh, come on. What’s one gin and tonic for breakfast?” I kid. Kinda.)

The Finny

Who could say no that that silly face?

So far, we’ve celebrated our outdoorsy hobbies by hiking and  renting bikes and touring around Sun Valley and Ketchum. It is far too chilly for this desert wanderer, but I am enjoying a breath of cool, mountain air. Not to mention my Finny time.

Bikes! And boy did we.

The magical bike ride

We hiked this entire trail system

Boise ---> Sun Valley


We are having a lot of fun, but really — I firmly believe that you could put us in Death Valley and we’d find a way to knit, gab, exercise and eat really well.

Next year there are several new locales in consideration. We will also incorporate a blogger meet-up. Neither of us think to talk about these trips beforehand to coordinate a get-together with our friends elsewhere. Next year, watch out. We’ve got some wild plans for the Fin + Donk travel extravaganza.

In the meantime, off to yet another meal. And another swim in hot springs. And more than likely, another round of knitting under some pine trees. Because I can be my dorkiest self with Fin and she not only loves it, but revels in the same domestic and nerdy hobbies.

Happy, happy, oh so very happy,