I came to work today to find my office door decorated with goodbyes:


My door

They included a hilarious and sweet mix of sentimental goodbyes, including my favorite — from Debbie: “I will miss your lectures about my over-consumption of gummy bears. Diabetics should not eat gummy bears.”

Lecture? Who, me? In all fairness, I have never seen an adult eat more candy. The woman loves it. And she’s diabetic. And it completely freaks me out she eats so much sugar. So, my “lecturing” was in love.


I also really like this note from Alma, who is recently back from maternity leave. It says (in highlighter) “We will miss you and the maternity policy!” I spent a good bit of time writing a paid maternity leave policy that ended up soon cancelled. Alma was one of the lucky few who was able to use it before it was revoked.


The door also included a fair number of Colorado, Africa and Arizona inspired images. The snowflake seemed like a particularly creative use of art supplies available in the office.

Welcome to wonderful colorado~



And because apparently my coworkers really do know me, I was presented with a going away bouquet of fruit in lieu of sheet cake. Because they’ve all heard me say more than once, ‘This office NEVER NEEDS ANOTHER SHEET CAKE.”

I learned so very much working in HR — namely how not to repeat secrets. I’m still not great at it, but I understand the importance of this trait in the workplace more than ever. I am thankful for the many things I learned in this job and will miss more than a few of my coworkers.