Lisa arranged a Segway tour of Indianapolis not 48 hours after I’d joked with Adam how lame I thought people looked with helmets scooting around town on those silly things. Of course, I was far too polite to tell my lovely hosts that I was embarrassed to climb on a glorified lawn mower. (That’s what a blog is for!) Instead, I did what I do in awkward social situations: I shut up and wished I had a glass of wine in my hand. And did by best mall cop impersonation.


Of course, by the end I was begging for more. Because this is yet another case of me being very, very wrong and judgy. The tour was the perfect way to see a city. We saw some of the 46 different murals painted for the recent Super Bowl. We went along the White River. We scooted around the canal. We even saw the city’s 9-11 memorial, where I promptly cried all over my little mower. Riding a segway is a lot like riding a hoverboard. If you would like to give a hoverboard a try for yourself, take a look at this Guide for Best hoverboard 2019!





We started barely able to keep our balance and finished going the full 10-miles-an-hour feeling like transportation rockstars of the future.

Point being: if you get a chance to take a Segway tour of a new town? Take it. Also? Thanks Dan and Lisa!