Bike to work!

Arizona offers a bunch of incentives if you use an alternative method of transportation for work. There are contests, gift certificates and the smug attitude you get to have all day after you’ve ridden to work, or carpooled.

I’ve done the carpool thing. It isn’t bad.  I did the bus thing once and it took 3 hours from my current home. It was a time suck. This week I did the cycling thing too. It wasn’t bad either, but it certainly was exhausting. I went from riding zero miles on my bike in, oh 2012-2014, to 29 miles in one day riding to and from work.

No, I didn’t ride a horse yesterday. Yes, I am walking like a cowboy. (The bike shorts I ordered last week are still in transit.)

April is “bike to work month” and Share the Ride is offering some fun incentives. Plus, the City of Tempe has a special day — including free breakfasts and other prizes. And there are a handful of vendors in Phoenix offering discounts if you ride your bike to them during April too. There is an calendar of events here.

A new adventure! Here is to hoping I can make this more of my routine, remembering the more immediate benefits: less gas and wear on the car, more time exercising, and a much more pleasant commute.

Bike on, friends,