I love pizza more than muscles

A coworker said to me the other day, “I need to lose 40 pounds by May. How can I do that?”

I shrugged. “Easy. No sugar.”

Of course, then she scoffed at how that was impossible and I replied, “Yeah. I like pizza more than being skinny too.”

And that, friends, is the truth. I like pizza and a glass of wine and even the occasional scoop of ice cream way more than that one pair of pants in the back of my closet that haven’t fit since 2006. (Also, those pants are pastel yellow and likely weren’t in style when I bought them, much less now. Time for a hard truth closet clean up.)

While out for a walk recently, I considered how many posts have been written here about my latest and greatest adventures in eating a different way for a new and improved me!! Many. Along with countless dollars spent on diets and cookbooks and things that frankly haven’t worked. The only thing that does work to keep me healthy in both pant size and attitude? Moderation.

It isn’t sexy. It isn’t marketable. It does work.

The easiest way I’ve found to keep my weight healthy and my mind and spirit even healthier is to not count calories, but instead eat and drink what I want in smaller portions. I’m also lucky in that I love to exercise and feel stir crazy on the off day when I don’t get out for a couple mile walk or trip to the gym to lift weights.

And so, how do you lose those 40 pounds? Not eating sugar and moving more are certainly great catalysts, along with a sprinkle of being kind to yourself and top it with moderation. Hopefully, you’ll find the same happy results.