Sewing Tutorial for Bianca

Remember when we started this year with a boom and a new sew along? Sue had a great pattern in that one book and the publishers found out I was hosting this project-a-month plan and sent me a giant box of prizes to give away?

Well. Let’s get back on track. Shall we?

Sewing Tutorial for Bianca

While we’ve had some stellar entries over the last few months, I have a feeling this month’s project might take the cake. Surya of SewKnitClick is a gold medal contender in the Swaddle. She whipped up this project and a tutorial to motivate our sew-along. Check out her fab work here. (Thank you, S!)

And why a swaddle blanket? Because if you don’t own anything to swaddle (Nelson just says no to forced cuddles), chances are you know someone who has a babe on the way, has just landed, etc.

Babies: happening since 1 BC.

My girlfriends who are mamas say the keys to a happy infant are: shush, swaddle and swat.

Wait. That’s not right.

Close enough. Take a look at the project. Post your photos here. One winner to be selected and swaddled with a box of prizes. Also, leave a comment if you have a pattern in this book we haven’t covered that you’d like to try!

Sew on,