Emily, a friend I love dearly, is getting married in January. She’s asked me to be her maid of honor. I couldn’t have been more honored, and of course celebrated my new title (Africankelli, MOH) by sewing up 18 wristlets for her bachelorette party.
Em is a smarty who attends MIT and lives in Boston. Her beau lives in Seattle. They are of course getting married in Mexico, while hiring somewhere like this Charlottesville wedding photography company to take photographs of this truly special day. And did I mention she is from Arizona? This left me geographically strapped on how to plan the MOH-related festivities. I probably dropped the ball. Thankfully, one of her school friends stepped in.
I cannot attend her bachelorette party, tentatively scheduled for this weekend, so instead I did what Martha would do. I sewed. I made cards. I embroidered white undies with her new initials for her “something blue.”
The care package ended up with these included:

Bridesmaid pouch

For the other women in the bridal party. Her colors are brown and gold. I thought I’d throw a little pink in there too.

Bridesmaid pouch #2

For those “bacheloretting” this weekend.

E and J

For Em, in case she forgets the day she’ll be casada en Mexico con Senor Juan.

These were fun to put together. I’m bummed I won’t be there to celebrate her fleeting singlehood, but I know she’ll forgive me. Or better yet, won’t remember that I wasn’t in attendance.

Hasta Lunes,