Visit with the Walsh Family

I have a serious case of the holiday wiggles. My butt does not want to stay in my seat. I want to be in the car, listening to audio books, staring through my camera cross hairs at the wild western landscape, with a sleepy dog in the backseat and a caffeinated boyfriend behind the wheel.

As such, these last few hours at work, in that dang seat, are the hardest. It doesn’t help that nearly everyone else has already left for the week. Don’t get me wrong: I have plenty of work. I’m just lacking in the motivation department.

I’ve sewn and baked and cooked and wrapped and sealed and signed and delivered. Everything is done and ready to go for the holiday.

Visit with the Walsh Family

Things I want to discuss at a later date:

  • How lovely the Sunday New York Times is for wrapping gifts. Thick, glorious paper that works so much better than wrapping paper and looks great with simple red gift tags.
  • Martha Stewart labels¬†
  • Homemade granola
  • California succulent plant sales
  • Framing vintage maps

Things I do not want to discuss later:

  • My sewing machine being broken. Again.
  • Bias tape
  • International mailing forms being kept behind the counter at the post
  • Drivers who drive slower than the speed limit, on the highway, during the holiday season. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Christmas sewing

I am off soon for a bit with friends and family. I hope to read, and knit, and plot some ridiculous 2014 resolutions. I promise to return renewed and ready to share every detail.


Until then, a very Merry Christmas and New Year!

With love,