Holiday knits

Holiday knits


This is the last of my knits for a bit; I’ve got something going on with my left hand. A pulled tendon? Considering my mom once needed hand surgery from too much quilting, this sort of nuttery comes easy. I’m ready to wake up and not have my hand throbbing. The swelling isn’t so pretty either.

Christmas eating


I’ve been trying to eat far more vegetables this month in lieu of all the other goodies hanging around the holiday table. It seems every day there is some invitation for a workplace potluck or celebration. Small bags of sweets keep arriving. Rather than abstinence, I’m trying to find a bit of balance. Green apples, red onion and butternut squash, roasted with a bit of olive oil for 2 hours at 250 is delightful.

Christmas glimpse


I love this Christmasy/winter fabric. Like last year, I sewed a few cheese cloth tea towels. They are super soft and an easy project — nice to wrap around a loaf of holiday bread or a bottle of wine.

On my Christmas wish list


And finally, this is on my Christmas list. I’ve been toying with a wall of shelving in my kitchen, but I think this would do the trick. And I’m considering painting it. Red? Or perhaps a soft, spring green. Santa! Dude! Throw this sucker in the sleigh.

I hope your week is going well, friends. I’m off for a bit of holiday festivities and back to the novel editing. (I promise you Basket Baby will be published in 2015._

Hoping you get some down time with your honey under the mistletoe!