View of Ketchum from Baldy Mtn

Dorks, hiking

Fancy bubbly

Beet Salad -- whatev.

My delicious pizza

Best coconut ice cream ever

Panna Cotta

The Fin and the Donk

Dinner at Ciro in Sun Valley was outstanding. So very good! Asparagus pizza, beet salad, homemade panna cotta and coconut ice cream. This morning, we worked off the carb fog by hiking along the Frenchman’s Bend trail at Baldy Mountain. Sights included: my feet in snow, pine cones, dirt, mud, more snow, aspens, giant Douglas fir, baby Douglas fir, tiny wildflowers, a happy + chatty Finny, a happy + sweaty me*, and fresh mountain lion tracks.

(That last part was kinda scary. Fin reassured me that as long as we kept talking, he’d say away from us on the trail. If you know either of us, you know silence is hard even during sleep. I finished the hike talking like a four-year-old after a giant piece of birthday cake, while clapping my hands for extra noise — just in case.)

Ketchum and Sun Valley are a fun mix of the super rich and the super down-to-earth. There are a lot of gigantic second homes and many sweet people in town who love the local thrift store. Fin and I are enjoying the bizarre mix — including both trips to said thrift store and to the fancy restaurants. (I’ve decided $10 homemade coconut ice cream is like having a little tropical vacation in your mouth.)

Tomorrow we are home again to the routine. This tour of our own personal Idaho has been truly splendid. I am looking forward to next year’s adventure with Finny already.


* You know those 60 days of yoga? While they provided bendy enlightenment, they killed my cardio. I’ve been struggling the last month to find my running legs again and am so thankful this trip has been so active. We’ve hiked quite a bit and rented bikes and walked to and fro. I hope when I lace up the running shoes later this week, the jaunt around Tempe Town Lake is a wee bit easier. I do love running, but right now I am paying dearly for giving my other athletic hobbies such attention. Time to get back on the cardio horse, one sweaty, out of breath gallup at a time.