Sue + Tau

This weekend, on my way home from the San Diego wedding, I was able to yet again meet another fabulous blog friend — Sue. She and her very sweet son Tau kept me company over poached eggs and cafe au lait. It was a delightful morning — cool Pacific weather, waves of interesting people waking up with caffeine and great baked goods, and a friendship falling into place like two girls who grew up together.


Internets, I know I’ve applauded you before for your magical powers of bringing like-minded folk together, but again, bravo! Sue and I asked each other a dozen questions about lives we’ve learned about via our blogs. We “know” family members, about recent trips and we share many passions — including creativity and Africa.

Plus, my God. How adorable is that child? He is a doll! He sat quietly and methodically putting together a Lego creation that he couldn’t wait to show once completed. Such a sweet little man.


I very much look forward to spending time with them again soon. And internets? Keep up the awesome work. You’ve blessed me with amazing girlfriends in a handful of cities around the world who I truly adore. Thank you, again.