April 2014

I love this dragon boat, and the others in the Tempe Town Lake marina. I swear, my feet could walk the path around that lake with my eyes closed after the last few months. Nelson needs little direction. We walk and walk, watching the light change on the water as the sun climbs on the eastern morning horizon. The fish flop and feed on the edge of the water, rising and falling from the surface. Birds take shelter in the shade of the bridges, craning their necks toward the heat of another Arizona day.

These morning walks help me focus — moments of silence other than the sounds of nature. Life has been so unexpectedly busy lately. Work comes in waves; I am happily swimming into tsunami, with an addition of staff and the kickoff of a large county-wide project I’ll manage. I’m attending conferences, speaking at events and continuing my fairly ridiculous role of being the poster child for public health. I come home many days so brain tired, and deliriously happy this is my career.

And, as it seems, my dance card fills in waves too. I’m dating someone new.  In that excitement, priorities shift. I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks, but I have spent time lingering in the sun, holding the hand of a very kind man. I haven’t edited those last 20 pages of my novel, as I have promised friend/editors — but I have booked flights and bought hiking gear for trips this summer. I haven’t looked at my knitting or sewing projects, but I have been throwing together ridiculous outfits for golfing outings and dinners.  These are delightful distractions.

April 2014

I think of my grandmothers — Maxine and Astra. I wonder if they are in cahoots in heaven, working together on my behalf. I can see their influences, and on a really good day feel them too.

So, I don’t have any new sewing or recipes to share. I don’t have any major progress on my writing. There are no international travel photos of late. But I do have a big smile on my face and a skip in my step.