Look, I’m only human. I make decisions sometimes that can only be explained by an overdose of Christmas spirit and a lack of common sense. And oh, my new venti espresso early morning habit isn’t doing a thing to improve either — I just do them faster. Such results can be great (see sweater knitting progress) or horrifically, hilariously bad.

H4: Fail

Case in point. This morning I was outside spray painting at 8 am. What would I be tagging, especially so early? Wearing tennis shoes and my pajamas? In the snow? Salsa lids. Logically. 

H4: Fail

Lessons learned: spray paint and snow don’t mix. Dogs like to drag off spray painted projects into the snow and bury them, which can be a total bitch to find without a metal detector. Lavender bath salts in a salsa jar is an absurd idea. Not even cute ribbon can make this spicy project tolerable.

Total fail.

Then again, ability to crack myself up at how bad things can end up? For certain.

Fear not Grinches! I have other ideas up my little jammie sleeve. Onward!