I’ve got my crafty mojo back and I’m gulping it down. Yippee! I knew an order of Lamb’s Pride wool from Yarnzilla would do the trick. I packed four skeins of sunny lime yarn for my weekend away and nearly finished two of the Mason Dixon buttonhole bags — one of my all-time favorite patterns. Once they’re felted, I’ll show and tell. They are on the lengthy list of gifts being sent out in the next week.
[Tangent: If you haven’t ordered yarn from Yarnzilla, consider this my highest recommendation to do so. It is not easy to find such a variety of Lamb’s Pride — a knitter’s staple — in Phoenix (the country’s fifth largest city, no less.) There is one shop about 35 miles from my house that sells this brand, but I have no craft shopping will power whatsoever. I figure I saved myself at least $100 in unnecessary yarn supplies and $10 in gas by ordering online. Plus, they delivered it within a couple days. Fabulous! Yarnzilla, consider yourself my new yarn pimp.]

Other gifts in progress:

June wristlets 2

A new batch of July wristlets.

Covington 4

And, Covington, numero cuatro.

Covington 4, lining

With pretty pink lining, no less.

I’m also enjoying a recent garage sale find — a vintage sewing tool kit that keeps my supplies organized with Type A precision. This $3 purchase made me jump for joy.

sewing box3
sewing box2

I use those mint tins to hold labels and straight pins, a trick I learned from my mama.

sewing box

I think a fish tackle box, or a Caboodle, would do the same trick nicely. Don’t pretend you didn’t have a Caboodle with Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers inside.

Back to the drawing table,