Have I mentioned I am soon hiking from the north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon? (With two blissful nights at Phantom Ranch in between.)

Breath-taking every time

I am a little nervous, Interwebs. And I could use your help. I’ll be okay physically. And I’ve got the gear. But hey! I’m all ears if you have any advice on great, calorie dense, light weight snacks for 17 mile hikes? And any other long hike tips and tricks you’d like to share.

I’ve got good socks. And I plan on cutting my nails super short. We’ve also got a water filter and ample sun coverage. What else?

An average of 12 people die each year

I remember after running my first marathon watching men wander by with bloody nipples showing through their shirts. I couldn’t believe that was even a possibility. And each race after, there was some lesson learned by noticing someone else’s discomfort. So! Spare me this embarrassment and hit me with your best hiking advice.


And thank you!