yellow wildflower

I’m inviting you to a garden party at my house. All you have to do is take a couple of photos of what’s growing near your house and drop them off here.
I’d like to see plants from other countries. What’s growing in Australia this time of year, when our Aussie friends are heading into winter?
I’ll post photos in this Flickr pool as I travel this summer too. I’m always fascinated by the similarities and differences in plants around the world.
Do you have a favorite tree? Do you have a favorite bloom? (I know several of you do!) Do you ever take a walk just to notice what is growing this time of year? Take a shot and tell me why. There will be the occasional prize too. And if you want a serious case of garden envy, check out Finny’s pumpkinzilla. This girl’s got such a green thumb, plants are sprouting from her compost! Ay!
And Eva’s blooms too! So pretty.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from a recent walk.

orange poppy center
orange lantana

From the top: wild daisies, poppies, lantana.

Happy gardening!