pray before lunch

Internets, I love you. Thank you so much to the droves who responded to my call for goodwill goody bags yesterday!

The details:
1. Size/weight is important. I’ll be taking these bags with me in my one, giant duffel. Please make sure your goody bag isn’t larger than a quart sized Ziplock bag. I mention the Ziplock because even if you decide to package these in something the same size (which is great!) please consider still sealing everything in a Ziplock to minimize any spills.

2. Please do not include money. Thank you anyway! I have a long list of charities I work with, if you are interested in that regard. If you can’t participate this time around, no worries! I make trips like this about three times a year and am always bugging my friends and family for help.

3. Please don’t forget the card/photo and note. These must be in Portuguese because Moz is a Portuguese speaking country. You can translate your letter here.

4. Things to consider including: pencils, soap (they really need soap), a washcloth, a small t-shirt, bandannas, band aids, chapstick, hair ties, stickers, gum, art supplies, etc. Hotel-sized toiletries are perfect too. This will take some creativity considering the size of the goody bag. Such a great challenge!

5. Please do not include: any medication, money, razors, anything you wouldn’t hand your own 7-year-old child.

6. I appreciate those who want to send more than $10 worth of stuff in one bag. To keep things simple (and equal), I would appreciate it if you’d use this as a general guide.

7. I must receive these by May 18th. Email me and I’ll send you my address. Please include a return address!

8. If, for whatever reason, I receive too many of these, I can assure you they will go to good use. I return to South America to do very similar work in August. I’ll take any extras there.

9. Of course you can participate if you aren’t American. That was a foolish note in my previous post. I didn’t realize how many international folk stop by here; the more the merrier!


I think that covers it. I am so thankful for your generosity!