Lots of cracking

My mom used to tell my brother, “It’s time to get crackin’!” when we were dragging. I thought of her this weekend when making the breakfast for the masses.


Phyllo -- the ultimate short cut

Thankfully, Rebecca added several great suggestions, including bacon and fruit. She sent her husband over with two large bags of oranges and grapefruit and encouraged me to fry up some piggie to go along with the eggs.


Kitchen scene

Breakfast for the masses

Egg cups

Thankfully, I don’t have photos cooking the bacon. So, let me just paint you a brief, gruesome picture. Me, leaning over a skillet, watching these strips start to crackle and pop, telling the woman next to me, “I’ve never cooked this before!” when BAM! Bacon grease starts going bananas and I really regret wearing a v-neck t-shirt. The burns weren’t bad, but stung enough to strengthen my resolve that pork is disgusting. Ew.

That said, guess what they loved most? The bacon.

Breakfast for the masses:

48 eggs

2 packages of phyllo dough

1 container of half & half

2 cups grated cheese

2 bags of fruit

2 pounds of bacon

{Another woman from the church brought coffee, juice and toast.}

Total cost to feed 45? $32.  Giddyup.