I threw an art-themed Halloween party last night; guests were encourage to attend as their favorite piece of art, or their favorite artist. An impressive group, my friends:

halloween 033

Edgar Degas and …

halloween 034

his ballerina

halloween 036

halloween 032

Modern art

halloween 031

The Scream

halloween 017

American Gothic

halloween 023

halloween 021

Jackson Pollack and his canvas

halloween 025

Girl with a pearl earring

halloween 038

Janis Joplin (music counts)

Betty Page

Betty Page

halloween 037

Tacky Arizona art (this one cracks me up. She is new to Arizona and doesn’t understand the cactus/coyote art that seems so common. Neither does anyone else. She’s dressed as a saguaro.)

halloween 066

The Mona Lisa

halloween 064

Virgina Woolf (suicide note included)

halloween 063

Edward Hopper

And then there were those who came in costume, but not with the theme:





Facebook. Salty Senor came as Facebook. Can you see where he’d like you to poke him? Ahem…

Of course, it was Ms. Frida who inspired this fiesta:

The inspiration


Frida Kahlo

With a pinata, margaritas, empanadas, guacamole, and lots and lots of other great food, I think we would have had Frida and Deigo very entertained. I certainly was.

And now onto a bit more thoughtful celebrations for All Saints Day.