Matty's sprinkler

Recycled sprinkler

Matty took a juice bottle and transformed it into a sprinkler after spending countless hours outside in the heat watering the pumpkins. The boy is smart. If you had to pick a roommate, pick one who grew up in Africa. He is resourceful beyond belief. Plus, it is pretty funny to watch him watching the neighbors walk by staring at the recycled trash in our garden. Pretty soon they’ll be walking by staring at giant pumpkins.


Spanish rice


In turn, I’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice and turkey lasagna for the week’s meals. Along with many of my girlfriends lately — but this one in particular — I’ve been cutting coupons, planning meals and saving a boatload. It seems so luxurious and silly now to spend $14 on a glass of wine at happy hour when I know I can get a good (enough) bottle for $10.  For $50 in groceries this week, I made 32 portions of food. The majority were frozen for future lunches.  Granted, these will be supplemented with fruit, salad, etc. Now, if I could just figure out how to cut out my Zappos habit, I’d be in the money!