tree, backyard

Saturday I spent several hours working outside, and met a couple of the neighbors. Two men who live down the street stopped to chat. They both laughed when I talked about the chicken coop.

Hydrangea bush

“To feed the foxes? Whatcha wanna do that for, chica?” Clyde thought my plan was hilarious. Me, playing Mother Goose to a coop of urban chickens. Rudy just smiled, watching me flush red with a quick Irish temper. Apparently I have a small forest animal zoo who’ve long lived in my backyard. Foxes? Raccoons? Well. I hadn’t planned for that little speed bump. Chicken coop plan A is temporarily on hold.

Hive, backyard

As for the bees, the giant tree in the backyard is home to a significant hive. A friend told me a tree this size needs regular maintenance (he has found a Roanoke tree service company for his tree of a similar size) so I probably should have already done this. But I knew it didn’t matter as much because I’ve got an arborist similar to the ones from this Kiwi Tree Lopping company, visit scheduled this week. I’m going to make sure the bees aren’t disturbed too badly though. Worst case scenario, they’ll be sucked out by bee folk and transferred to a hive elsewhere. But I’d love to keep them around if possible. They have worked hard to create their little home and they’re great for the garden. We should also be doing everything we can to try and keep the number of bees as high as possible. If y’all have a garden, then please plant lots of flowers and don’t destroy any beehives. If you don’t have a garden, then you can still help out by crowdfunding to raise some money for beekeepers or something.

I was actually speaking to a friend of mine who lives in Sydney about this the other day. She recently had to get a tree similar to ours removed from her backyard. Apparently, if you need the assistance of an arborist that specializes in tree removal cherrybrook is home to some fantastic tree experts that can take care of any unwanted trees safely and efficiently.

As for the bees in the tree in my own garden though, I leave them alone, they leave me alone. One can hope.

Kitchen windowsill

Thankfully, the Heirloom Homestead is otherwise well underway.

Curtain hung above my kitchen sink:

Japanese curtain

Kitchen sink

Garden boxes planted, with a compost pile, potager a few indoor herbs:


Bedrooms unpacked, closets organized, kitchen ready for a dinner party:

Kitchen table

This week my project list includes: hanging art, buying a few remaining pieces of furniture and I’ve got big plans for my tiny front porch (including the rare purchase of spray paint.)

front porch, before

There are also change-of-address cards that need to be posted, and curtains that need to be sewn for the bedrooms and office.


And perhaps most exciting of all, a dog. After so many years of talking about the addition to my family of 1, a pooch will be rescued this week from the local shelter. (Those poor foxes and raccoons!)

A busy week at this little home on the prairie in the shadow of the Rockies,