Dear Kara,

Have you noticed this strange turn in fashion where everything is a little off? A bit wonky? Animal prints with stripes and mixed fabrics all wrapped up in one? Also: are huge stacks of bracelets in, or what?

A few of my favorite looks from Fall lines:




Wait. What’s that you say? It’s pretty much the same outfit three ways? All classical. Nautical. Jackie O-ish? No weird mixes of fabrics?

Well, let me shake it up. How fantastic is this?

RrrNYFW 3 038

I LOVE HER. Her name is Blair. And she mixes and matches the same pieces in varying ways to make her wardrobe look like something both Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga would chase after.

Yeah. She’s that good.

I am also loving Dooce’s cousin and regular fashionista, Cami. Some of her outfits are way more my style than others. All the same: I appreciate her courage and creativity.

Our challenge this month: copy a cute outfit we liked. Donezo.

Fashionistas September

Fashionistas September

That is about as fierce as I get without a feather mini skirt.

I am not shopping this season. But if I were to splurge on a few new fabulous items:

Shoes: amazeballs To be worn with tights and skirts and amazing scarves as it starts to get chilly.

Bag: oh, I’d rock this hard

Dress: because, yes.

And you — Miss Young Fashionista, thang? What are you rocking this season?