Dear Kara,

Your suggestion at “brights” for our March fashion blog had my heart rate up. I am not a “brights” or a “tights” kinda gal. Those Forever Underage stores? Make me want to run toward Chicos with all my credit cards out at once. (You, however, look freaking adorable in that yellow jacket. Love it. And your haircut!)

To put it mildly: I am not up with the trends. I very happily could wear shades of blue and bright whites for the rest of my life. Pearls! Kara, I love pearls.


Maybe a little purple, gray, or garnet if I wanted to get crazy. This, for example, is my typical everyday uniform:

Brights: Fashion March

Comfy dark jeans, Patagonia top, dangly earrings. Done.

This, however, is what I wore out for St. Patrick’s on Saturday — which took just about all the fashion courage I have:

Brights: Fashion March

Bright green! Short! Fun! (And apparently a little see thru. Lord.)

I know. It’s still pretty basic. But it is a step toward the more adventurous. These after all are still some of my favorite shoes:

Fashion March: Brights

So challenge me, lady. What will we do for April?