This week my friend Rachele surprised me with a few gems from her garden:


Greek basil!

Which I later transformed into:

Roasted Parisian carrots

Greek basil pesto

Not the most flattering shots, but it was an elegant meal — grilled salmon topped with homemade pesto and roasted Parisian carrots.

I have a feeling with my garden coming into full bloom it is going to be all vegetables all the time around here for a bit. I even canned today! Canned vegetables from my garden  the farmer’s market. My little dream of having a pantry full of canned organic veggies is coming true…

A few other gems to report:

1. I get to go to Alaska for work in August. Alaska in August. People, this is like Maui in December. Wahoo!

2. Novel #2? Well. I’ve dug myself out of a self-induced pathetic rut and am writing. Daily. I sat down to create an ideal schedule the other day — one where I make time to get enough sleep to not be a miserable caffeine ridden grouch, exercise, water the garden and do my daily devotional on the porch, write, and oh — the day job. And it’s working.

3. Chicken application approved by the city. Now I’ve got to figure out how to get a coop constructed and predator-proofed, and oh — find time to take care of chickens. Which may need to come after Alaska.

Life is clucktacular at the moment. Eggstatic. Featherific.