When my parents visit, I go into Type A Jessie Spano mode. Everything must be cleaned, tidied, ironed, watered, and so forth. It doesn’t make sense; if I was living in a compost bin, they would be just as happy and proud.

I might, at times, be a bit crazy in the expectation department.

Then again, such visits get me moving on projects that have been idle far too long. I moved plants inside this week because it’s starting to get chilly at night. Plus, as of today, it’s officially autumn. Or as we like to call it on the homestead — pumpkin season. But, that’s a post for next week.

I’d been meaning to sew a table runner for this bookcase to match my other entryway table.

New candelabra

This table runner was a Finny/Donk sewing project back in the day.



Table runner detail Any bets on how long those plants have to live? I’m giving them another month.

New table runner


While my mama was here, we tackled an entirely different set of projects: those I couldn’t figure out myself. This woman seemingly isn’t intimidated by any project’s size or depth. She’ll tinker and research and keep trying until she’s got it figured out. These are rather awesome characteristics in a houseguest who also has a hard time sitting still.¬†Plumbing, stained laundry, knitting project gone awry — all solved.

Let’s hope she figures out a way to come back and stay.