Best Bunny

I’d like to say I accomplished even 1/4 of my list this weekend. Instead, I found myself curled up with Benadryl and a mug of tea, cursing the rain of golden pollen falling from the spring sky. Just last week I thought, “How charming! The palo verde flowers gather in the gutters like little pots of gold.” In truth — the desert is never more beautiful than the spring. The saguaro blossoms will soon burst with silky white flowers. The prickly pear and other cactus are in full celebration of the season, with fuchsia buds dripping from olive green limbs. The mesquite are afire in sprays of orange.

I’d be happier if my body wasn’t fighting this change of season, but what can you do? I caught up with Netflix, my mail and read gobs of magazines this weekend.  In the meantime, the roommate worked in the garden for me — planting basil, tomatillos, lavender and squash. We’ve got quite the little hippie plot growing these days. (It is nice to have someone remember to water when I get home from work and want instead to crash on the couch with chardonnay. Perhaps we should be growing grapes?)

I did get a bit of sewing done; I’d planned to make these Best Bunnies for a bunch of wee ones in my life, but after conquering just one — that’s enough. I’ve got to return to a healthy balance of work/play/rest. This week, rest is winning.