Dear Finny,
I survived my bike-swim-bike. I’m tired today, but I’ve found that two cups of strong coffee after a long ride help get me through the typical “bonk” period post-workout. Slowly, I’m learning how to push myself farther in this tri training. Are you stoked for your big race next Sunday? Doode! One week from today and you’ll be a 10ker! I am so proud of you.

Now, before I go any further, you are never going to guess who I got email from this week. Ms. Amy Butler herself. AMY BUTLER! Can you believe it? I thought to send her a quick note to let her know about our In Stitches sewalong and guess what? She’s agreed to provide a prize for an overall winner when our little sewing bee ties up in December. I KNOW! And to make matters that much better, have you seen her new patterns and stationery?

I yelped when I got her email and got all shaky — kind of like I’d imagine I’d react if I ran into Madonna at the market. My knees got a little weak and I was so unsure of how to respond that I let the email sit there for a day — going back over it word by word and pinching myself to make sure it was real. (It’s real and I’m bruised.) She, on the other hand, is as clever and charming as her designs would suggest.

How is your March clutch project going? Can’t wait to see what you pick for April! And ooh, I am already green with envy over the lucky lady who scores the loot from Amy come December. I can hear the Singer sewing engines roaring in the background!