One of my closest friends from college comes into NYC for work on occasion. We were able to catch up last night, with a bottle of wine and far too much food at Manzo. I was so excited for Emily and D to meet; they’d heard a lot about each other. As soon as Emily and I finished hugging, we dug in, telling long, complicated stories of our dorm room shenanigans. By the end of the meal, we had laughed until our sides hurt.

Or that stitch could have been the copious amounts of food we enjoyed.

Oh, NYC: you are such a pain in the butt to access, but the rewards are so sweet for those who succeed.


This is still one of my favorite photos of us, from 8 years ago when she was studying in Boston and I was visiting. So young! Although that time we ate junk food poolside in Costa Rica in our bikinis was pretty ridiculous too.  Or the time we did shots of tequila right before she walked down the aisle in Mexico.

In truth, it says something of her patience that she still wants to be friends with me.*


Also: I am really enjoying how many of my friends come through NYC for one thing or another. This is easing the homesickness quite a bit.



P.S. Love you Fatty!*