Summer is rolling to a gentle end; the Aspens are changing and the mountains were dusted white this weekend.

King Mountain

It was the perfect time to get away; Cody’s in the middle of hunting season, while coincidentally his girlfriend and I are in the middle of the perpetual shopping, hiking, hanging out, playing with the dogs seasons.

Miami Vice Meets RamboRambo meets Miami Vice

Cody’s become friends with a rag tag group who run a defunct dude ranch. They keep the property from completely falling apart and have the grace and patience to put up with the odd visitor who dreams of what the property could become. They are some of the most interesting folk I’ve met in Colorado. We spent quite a bit of time this weekend dreaming about what we’d do with those pastures, the hotel facilities, the Olympic swimming pool, bowling alley and tennis courts. I’d host writing retreats, yoga retreats, religious retreats, bbq contests and whatever else I had to do to make enough money to not be there for winter. The caretaker told us the ranch saw 500 inches of snow last winter. That’s 41 feet. And there were mornings 45 below.

Cody and I do not see eye to eye on most political, economic or spiritual topics. We are as different as our hair: his blond curly mop is now long enough for a ponytail. His beard is growing nicely.

Cody + JessJess is a saint and seems to love Cody in spite of all of his camo-Rambo antics

My hair is straight as a arrow and dark brown. My beard is not growing in nicely thanks to the Korean woman at the salon who exclaims with a mixture of hilarity and sympathy, “OH. SO MUCH HAIR! YOU COME BACK SOONER NEXT TIME. WE DO EYEBROWS NEXT.”

Cody + Jess

But it’s weekends like this I see the kid I grew up with. The little boy who cried when I once fell into traffic on my bike, skinning my knees and pride as a gaggle of kids cackled nearby. The kid who swam like a maniac and balanced a fair dose of hubris and nerves before each meet. The brother who I spent countless years with in our backyard, playing in our playhouse, swimming and being rascals.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t share the same views. Thankfully, now we share the same county. If not for that, I wouldn’t see the man he’s becoming. I wouldn’t admire the way he looks after his girlfriend, making sure in his own quiet way that she is always comfortable. I wouldn’t be able to watch him interact with his peers, sharing his vast and frankly ridiculous knowledge of the biology of woodland animals. I wouldn’t be able to hear him on work calls where his professionalism surprises me every time.

I wasn’t sure what this move to Colorado would bring, I couldn’t be happier for this time together.

Yep. That's a pony tail.

I guess I love the brat.