in stitches, January

Dear Finny,
After a whirlwind weekend of rock climbing, biking and sewing (ha ha, I’m not kidding), guess what? I got the January In Stitches assignment completed. Viola — I present my document duvet and photo file in valentine colors no less. What do you think?
I agree with you — the grommet is not my favorite tool. But, I did figure it out and I am happy to have learned a new technique. I’ve added my photo to the flickr set. {If you are sewing along, feel free to drop yours in the set too.} Let’s pick a winner by January 31st. I’ll send out the prize this month. Deal? This is going to be such a good way to clean out my studio. I’ve got piles of fabric, yarn and ribbon that I’d love to send to a new home.
Now Miss Finny, since I picked this month’s project, it is your turn to pick February’s. I’ll select the theme. Sound good?


P.S. Tell that hubby of yours I say hello. Miss you both!