April 2014 Oh, how crafty did I feel making homemade chicken stock this week? I let it simmer over night; I awoke to the entire (small) house smelling of onion and celery and savory deliciousness. Of course, I’m always low on tupperware. It never seems to fail that I do not have the right sized container I need in the moment. Ah, why not freeze all that strained chicken broth in mason jars? Look how pretty! This will be perfect to use for that Easter risotto!

Actually, no.

What happened was more like this: Easter morning I pulled the broth out of the freezer to find the tops had lifted and bent. Frozen broth was all over the freezer. I over filled the jars and when they froze, they expanded. I was lucky only the large jar cracked, rendering the broth unusable. I was unlucky I didn’t realize this until I went to make the risotto and was 4 cups short. Gah. April 2014 Thankfully, I made it work. I also made Thomas Keller’s roast chicken for dinner, which looked beautiful, but was of course under cooked. The internal thermometer and my meat thermometer failed me. We were able to eat some, but most of it went back in the freezer to be used for the next round of stock, which will not be frozen in mason jars. At least the pantry was successfully tidied up. April 2014 April 2014 And egg-free birthday cupcakes delivered and enjoyed without any complaints. Minor victories! I’ll take them. What are you cooking this spring? ~K