I know I did. So did Amanda. We both have nearly the entire old school set of Nancy Drew novels, thanks to our mothers, and our love of used bookstores. I spent more than one summer afternoon curled up with a Carolyn Keene classic.
Amanda’s birthday was last week. I was stumped on a good gift — but when I saw a little Nancy Drew notepad when vacationing in San Francisco, a sleuth-y idea came to mind.

Nancy drew pouch, front

A colorful pouch featuring book jackets from a few of our faves.

nancy drew pouch, back
Nancy Drew pouch

Once she added a chocolate bar, a gift certificate and a few other goodies to the pouch, the mystery of the birthday gift was solved. Voila!


*I guess we really all do want to be Nancy Drew! I love the comments and email. Thank you! To transfer images (from the web, or digital photographs) to fabric, I buy transfer sheets at Wal-Mart. They cost about $6 for 4 sheets and are found in the craft department. (No Sherlock Holmes work there.) Then I arrange my images in publisher and send one of the sheets through my laser printer. I let it dry for about an hour before crafting with it. It is simple canvas fabric — nonfusible. Then I cut out my image and carefully sew around each edge. If you want to turn these edges under, leave yourself some room when cutting. Viola! The mystery of the transfered images is solved!*