Dew Claw Damage

I’m a little pouty

We’ve been hiking a lot lately. I noticed last week Nelson was paying particular attention to one of his feet, licking it and such. When I pulled him into my lap the next morning, he made a low, painful groan. I’d never heard that noise — or any painful noise — from him before and it made my heart stop.

Dew Claw Damage

It hurts!

Thankfully, it was something relatively simple: he’d torn a dew claw. At the advice of my mom and vet, I took him in. He was sedated, his foot shaved and the dew claw trimmed back. He’s on antibiotics for a few weeks and I am having the ever-so-fun challenge of keeping a sock on one of his feet. You can imagine how well that’s going.


Yeah. I’m cute even with a sock on. Love me!

The vet laughed when I called mid-day to see how he’d done with sedation. After he had his teeth cleaned last year, he wandered around the house in a daze for hours. Thankfully, this was local and he bounced right back. When he saw me at the front desk he started wagging his tail and walked right to the door. WNM for, “Where the hell have you been? Did you see what they did to me? I HAVE A CHICKEN LEG. LET’S GET OUT OF HERE NOW! Also, can I have some steak tonight?”