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The first ever Denver County Fair was fabulous — and not just because Fancy Tiger was a sponsor. But let’s be honest — this didn’t hurt. There was an entire wing of the fair dedicated to arts and crafts. I fell in love with the dress above that someone obviously spent a ton of time creating. The detail was spectacular — tiny hand embroidered buttons, the lining, the piping around the arms… Ah! Such great seamstress work and so far beyond my abilities, I examined the dress inch by inch.

I’ve decided it is time to start taking some classes at Fancy Tiger. I have so much to learn in handicraft; being able to read a pattern, finishing edges, knitting a sweater to size, etc. It was exciting to meet women who were equally excited about the same antiquated homesteading hobbies. But there they were — the Denver Handmade Alliance — my tribe.

my people

But then! Then I wandered into the hippie wing of the fair. An entire section was dedicated to green living, including some very well intentioned and completely wonderful folk who’ve created the Clothespin Brigade. Their “ten reasons to pin not spin:”

1. Saves up to 10% of residential energy

2. Non-polluting

3. Uses solar and wind power, not fossil fuels

4. Clothes last longer

5. Sunshine bleaches and disinfects naturally

6. Avoids fires. Dryers cause 17,700 fires in the US annually

7. Burns calories (I guess hanging the wash?)

8. Is relaxing and makes you feel good (ah, the self-satisfactory feeling of smug do-gooding)

9. Builds community — say hi to your neighbor (actually, I avoid my neighbors when hanging my line, but to each his own)

10. Join others in “right to dry”

Seriously — these are my people — freakishly happy about environmentalism and community, one little bit at the time. When was the last time you heard of someone sacrificing their weekend to sit at a booth at a fair to express his/her interest in encouraging others to be more environmentally friendly?

Yeah. I love them. Of course, one of the big perks of the current giant Heirloom Homestead backyard is the laundry line. I use it regularly, especially when drying my freak flag.

baby llama-like animal

And then of course, the warm and cuddly animals. They did not disappoint. There were so many cute little guys!

Giant rabbit

A few more sights from a great day a the fair:



such a great quilt


Love these

Happiness is attending a community event like this and walking away feeling like your values and interests were nurtured. I came home with literature on vermiculture, food preservation, backyard poultry and Slow Food Denver.