Euclid Hall


Denver 30: 27

Where: 1317 14th Street Denver, Colorado 80202

Cost: $

Denver 30: 27

What: An old brick home off Larimer Square once upon a time built by a local doctor that has since been transformed over the years from a brothel to a speak-easy to a restaurant. Euclid Hall’s theme is school. Their happy hour is “study hour.” Their wine list is organized by math topics. A large chalkboard over the entryway greets guests with the day’s message. Come to find out, Euclid was a math dude.

It’s a noisy, raucous bar with huge televisions and a steady stream of Larimer Square tourists and locals. It’s a great happy hour spot in the center of the city to meet friends coming from all over the city. I think the best feature of this spot is the staff. Their wait staff are patient, friendly and kind.

Recommendations: The s’more dessert. And if you are into hand-crafted beers — they’ve got you covered.