There are many reasons I am among the throngs who admire Dooce. One of the reasons I read her site regularly is I love her fashion posts. I don’t often agree with her tastes, but I like the way she shares what she likes, what she’s wearing, etc.  You know who else does a great job of this? Kara. Plus I won a fabulous dress on her blog this week. Why yes, that is the most fabulous prize I’ve ever won!

And let’s be honest — y’all loved the shoes. So, what do you think about these earrings?


Fun + shiny.

I like the idea of doing a daily photo for Flickr to encourage myself to shake up what I wear. (I think this would also encourage less shopping.) While I’ve purchased a tiny tripod for this new blog experiment, I have yet to conquer autofocus with the timer.


Autotimer focus fail

Perhaps better luck tomorrow.