Completely off the paleo track for a moment, I recently had a crust competition to see which pizza dough was better. The prized “no knead” dough that graced the recent cover of Bon Appetit started this nonsense. And while I had the best of intentions for making fabulous homemade bbq chicken pizza, I made a fatal cooking error: I didn’t read the entire recipe beforehand.

BBQ chicken

Imagine how much patience I had for a dough recipe that needed 18 hours to rise when I’d spent the previous 5 days away from home working, including the night before sleeping on the floor of a rather dirty airport? (By sleeping, I really mean trying to doze with one eye open for ax murderers.)


Out of patience, I sat down at the computer to find another crust recipe and quick. My guest would be arriving in a matter of a few hours, only about 14 short of the 18 required for the recipe I had in mind. Nonetheless, I tried both dough recipes.

The no knead, without sufficient time to rise, was neither aesthetically nor flavor pleasing:

No knead

(Unfair, I know. I didn’t give it the time it needed.)

QUick rise

The quick rise dough? Super pretty and tasty. Winner, winner pizza dinner.

However neither dough held up well for leftovers. Anyone have a great pizza dough recipe that makes their summer gardens full of tomatoes and basil that much more fun? Share. Please!