Some friends are opening a restaurant in a Phoenix hotel. They were selected in a big contest and it couldn’t have gone to a nicer pair. I see them infrequently, but we follow each other online. When we do get together, we’re fortunate to pick right back up where we left off.

Joel asked me if I’d cross stitch this pattern for his wife Lara. She is a cheese monger. (And yes, that is one of the delightful reasons it is so nice to see them. They seem to always bring great cheese along!)

So, here I am. Squinting at this pattern and trying my hardest to get more than a few rows in before my eyes are exhausted. It is fun to pick this back up, and remarkable how universal most crafting patterns are. If you can read a knitting pattern, you can cross stitch.

Of course now I have a dozen other cross stitch project ideas in mind. And of course I’d find a hobby that is even more time intensive than knitting.

Praise the summer heat and lots of couch time!