Halloween details

Dear Finny,

So glad you selected our sweet Lori for the October winner. You know, Lori has been one of those interweb friends (just the term makes my father twitch with discomfort) for years.  She is so kind and I love how she routinely stretches my idea of creativity. Plus, I know if I ever stumbled through Kansas, she’d be one of the first to offer me a seat at her kitchen table.

Brava Lori and that delicious pumpkin pasta!

This month’s challenges that you’ve selected are a fun mix. The t-shirt scarf, the chocolate beet cakes and the scrappy wallets? Like the gumbo of the craft world. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly making my holiday lists and checking them twice. Lots of crafty happenings, including the purchase of a snap press. Have you ever used one? I’m also thinking of hosting another “Advent of Craft.” Any interest in participating/helping?

Miss you Fin. More than I can say, I really wish you were here this week (and not just because my garden is dead.)