Bhutanese dancers

COAR Fundraiser

The organization I work for had a fundraiser last night; it gave me a chance to do what I love most — dress up, be girly and be a bit bossy, all in the name of charity of course. We hosted 75 people at a beautiful home in Paradise Valley for a bit of African drumming, dancers from Bhutan and wine from Sonoma. It was a lovely night.

COAR Fundraiser

COAR Fundraiser

Rocking out with the drummers

(Photos by Bryan Lewis)

We not only raised more than a month’s overhead, but we also had a lot of smart, well-connected, community driven people talking about refugees. A man from Bhutan spoke of how he lived for 17 years in a camp before being resettled in Arizona. We were transfixed by the emotion, the horror of life so hard to imagine from the comfort of a luxury home. Refugee students now in college wandered through the crowd talking about how our mentorship saw them through high school graduation. Board members explained to their friends why they enjoy being involved.

After six hours in heels, my legs are tired this morning. But my heart is happy. I hope the passion was contagious!