I took an afternoon walk this weekend through my neighborhood, enjoying the lingering breeze, cool weather and warm sun on my back. Spring is certainly fleeting in Arizona, but it seems this year’s season has been particularly plentiful and generous. The flowers are blooming in appreciation of the mid-80 degree weather and Phoenicians city-wide are stretching their legs, sleeping with their windows open and breathing deeply. We all know too well we’ll be living in a kiln again within a matter of weeks.
Now is the time to take that leisurely stroll and enjoy every wonderful second that is spring in the desert. Look how colorful it is!

red poppy with orange in bg

These red poppies grow wild in my neighbor’s yard.

cholla blooms2

In a sea of olive and sage green desert, these bright blooms draw hummingbirds and bees like wildfire.

eye level shot, orange poppies

More pretty poppies.

poppy before bloom, cu

I imagine another giant red beauty is waiting inside of this little green baby.

purple hybiscus, double

These were peeking over a fence. If flowers could speak they were not-so-coyly saying, “Yoo hoo! Don’t forget us! Take our photo! We’re the prettiest on the block!”

mesquite bloom orange

Mesquite trees en fuego.

prickly blooms lined up

Raspberry red blooms will burst from these shells in the next week.

prickly pear blooms2

To a native Arizonan, you can look at this cactus and know that its seen water recently. The bright green color is that of a happy cactus. While a few strong recent storms have brought some of the color back to the desert floor, we have no snow in the high country to refill our water reservoirs. It is going to be a dangerous summer for wild fires.

prickly pear leaf

Love this shade of green and the way the light is bouncing.

nopal, artsy

More green. I suppose a colorful spring in the desert is still mostly greens.

nopal blooms

More photos from my growing collection of desert plants can be found here.