My girls

Pool at the ClarendonADIOS -- Arizona, Do It our Style

This weekend was one that I will never forget. From the unique + thoughtful going away party a couple girlfriends coordinated — Adios Arizona Urban Adventure — to the Mumford + Son’s concert, with a brief foray afterward in a party bus, to Easter brunch with friends that ended in south Scottsdale far too late. Phew.

Another gorgeous Phoenix sunset

Phoenix, I just can’t quit you.

I’ve said “see you later” to so many sweet friends in the last few days. I’ve never slept less and danced more. I’ll let the photos paint the picture because I’m too tired to be clever — just as you should be on your last Monday in town.

Adios Arizona Urban Adventure:



New best friends


Mumford + Sons, Party Bus:

Cutesy boys wearing suspenders

The gang

The Wright Brothers

The party bus post-mumford



Lainey w/ a carrot from her garden

Mmm... cake

Madison and Delaney

Kim + Brian


life sized jenga

Juliann + Mariah — thank you for the best going away party. Clever, thoughtful and so much fun!

And to the Disbrows + Wrights, my many thanks as always for including me at your table.